Do you already use our Naild products or do you already know the principle behind NAILD? Or are you a newbie to the POP-ON-NAILS game and wondering why you're not getting the results you want?

Yep, we knew when we launched NAILD that it wouldn't be easy. Because for a long time, pop-on nails, artificial nails that you attach yourself, were considered 'trashie' - too thick, unnatural, not durable. In short: not suitable for everyday use.

We wanted to change that. Because it was during the maternity leave that we noticed "hey... it's too expensive to go to the nail salon in the long run, we don't have the time and WE are dependent. Depends on the studio, the UV light and the professional equipment”. We searched for alternatives for a long time and couldn't find anything. So we got to work. It took a long time, we invested a lot of time in the development, a lot of money in the prototypes and a lot of nerves in the whole business process, because we didn't want to make any compromises. The first prototypes: way too thick, not natural, way too clumsy. It was important to us in the concept that the formula of the adhesive is gentle on the natural nail and that professional equipment is by no means necessary for attaching and removing the nails. So that we can always decide for ourselves where and when and how long we want to wear the nails. We are very proud of our Naild Baby.

Finally here it is.. NAILD!

Now we come to the conclusion, ok it can get a bit long, but after all you want to be a NAILD Pro at the end of this post :-) Or not...?

1) First things first!

A clean natural nail. Oh yes, that makes a big difference! Sometimes you don't notice that the nail bed is still too oily. File carefully and gently with the pink side of the nail file over the natural nail, that works wonders. Finally, disinfect the nail and let it dry well

2) The nail glue runs out on the sides

What should have gone better?

We recommend: the dosage makes the difference. Yes, the more Naild glue, the better and longer it lasts. Yep! But as always, it's important to wait and see :-) Let the Naild glue get on the nail first. You let the nail polish get on the natural nail first.

Apply Naild glue and then actually wait 5-7 seconds, because the Naild glue can then contract a little to become firmer. What you should also note: it is best to have a damp cloth at hand or a cotton pad with nail polish remover, because you should wipe the pages immediately and not wait. Please make sure they are moist. You can wipe the sides with the rosewood stick if something still runs down (don't worry, the Naild glue that gets on the skin dries immediately and crumbles off within the next 20 minutes).

3) My entire nail glue shimmers through and air holes have formed.

Please...Absolutely: Distribute the Naild glue evenly on the natural nail. This prevents air holes, which are responsible for air, dirt or leftovers penetrating.

What happened: You probably didn't spread the Naild Glue well and in fact there is not enough Naild Glue. For you as info: there are Naild artificial nails models that are a little more transparent. That's their style. Be a little more generous with the glue on these models. What we recommend: Apply Naild glue once to the natural nail and additionally apply Naild glue once to the Naild artificial nail, wait 5-7 seconds. And now: sweep the Naild artificial nail (before you press it) over the natural nail so that the rear area of ​​the Naild artificial nail is evenly distributed with the glue. If you press it now, air pockets under the artificial nail are prevented.

4) A pea is not just a pea.

It didn't even last a day for me, it flew off right away. I did everything as described in the instructions

Your NAILD nails just don't want to hold despite the right instructions? When we hear something like this, we are amazed. Because when used correctly, everyone gets their INSTANT MANICURE. IMPORTANT: the shelf life depends on the amount of glue used. In addition, the attachment technique.

What you expected: I put a drop of Naild glue on the Naild artificial nail and I have beautiful, perfect nails for 14 days. Yes, that could also work, but you have to pay attention to a few things.

We learned from talking to customers that they only found out what the problem was after they contacted our customer service, even though they thought they had followed the instructions.

"A pea-sized drop of glue." So how big is that actually? Since every natural nail is different in size or small, we can only give an approximate indication of the amount of glue we recommend. In 98% of the cases this is also the case. However, there are those 2% who actually need more glue than others. So we recommend doing some practice with the crowd.

What you should do:

- Matt the nail bed: Use nail polish remover and also file the natural nail with the pink side of our file.

- Make sure that the closure of your Naild glue tube is really completely open -> pierce the opening of the tube with the pointed side of the rosewood stick so that the opening is now free. It happened that too little Naild glue came out of the tube, you might think it would be enough... But more is MORE :-)

- Put enough Naild glue on Naild artificial nail and natural nail. You know roughly how much you used the first time, so this was definitely not enough and would only be scheduled for 1-2 days. Simply double the amount of Naild glue.

- Press hard. That's just incredibly important. Please press at least 20 seconds. You will be amazed :-)

If a Naild artificial nail falls off after such a short time, then you have not completely followed the instructions. You can always send us a photo of the artificial nail that fell off, we can assess whether the glue was enough or not.

5) Pop-on Nails deform

Yes, that is also possible. Naild artificial nails are made of flexible material so that they adapt perfectly to the natural nail. Important is:


No, you don't have to stroke them every day :-) But after 5-6 days they will be happy when they come into contact with the pink side of the file and get Naild nail oil as a fresh-up.

What you should do:

Simply file the shape of the pop-on nail: right, left and finally at the top. And if you want to make it perfect: go over the NAILD nail with our DIAMOND top coat. I promise you'll think you're fresh out of the nail salon.


Yes, we promised you, the durability keeps what it promises :-)

What you should do:

The NAILD nail isn't ready yet and your natural nail just doesn't want to part with you just yet. However, you can use the rosewood stick to swipe left and right between the NAILD nail and the natural nail. What happens: it starts to loosen up. But be careful: don't use force! This is just the first step so you can try removing them again in 1-2 days. They cannot be dissolved by water alone. But when the wearing time is reached, you can remove them more easily and gently with the help of steam.

Do you still have questions?

Take a look at our FAQs or send us an email: service@naild.de