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the alternative to the classic gel and shellac manicure. A thin, very flexible material that adapts to the nail statics. It is flexible and can hardly be distinguished from the natural nail due to the thin material.


the alternative to the classic acrylic manicure, which is made of stronger and thicker material. These nails are tear- and beer-proof. They are already in a C-curve reform and are suitable for all those who put a little more strain on their nails in everyday life and prefer longer models. The naturalness of the shape is also identical with this model as with the signature nails and can hardly be distinguished from the natural nail.

What is in the NAILD© set?

Round, Coffin, Stiletto:

- 24 nails in 12 sizes per hand
- NAILD© adhesion adhesive
- Buffer/ file
- Rosewood staff


- 30 nails in 12 sizes per hand
- NAILD© adhesion adhesive
- Buffer/ file
- Rosewood staff


- 30 nails in 15 sizes per hand
- NAILD© adhesion adhesive
- Buffer/ file
- Rosewood staff

Can I reuse NAILD?

The nails can be immediately reused as usual. Please always apply an additional drop of glue to the NAILD nails - regardless of how long they are worn.

Will my nails get damaged?

What's special: unlike lesser quality products, our specially formulated adhesive bonds similarly to acrylic, but essentially dissolves with wear, leaving no damage or adhesive residue when removed properly. Please never pull off by force and wait for the nails to loosen.

Do they also last when showering, gardening or around the house?

Yes, with enough glue and the right application, you can work in the garden, do laundry, change tires, style your hair, shower or swim! You can always bring the adhesive and an emergency nail with you in an emergency. Nothing comes loose with water alone.

Is that a special glue?

Our proprietary formulation holds up similar to acrylic. The more of the special NAILD adhesion adhesive is used, the longer NAILD lasts. After a few days, the glue will slowly start to break down, making it easier to remove.

What if the nails don't hold?

The solution: use enough glue. The instructions show you the recommended amount for the respective wearing time. However, we do not know the initial situation of your nails and the size. You may need more glue than we recommend. You will notice this when the nail comes off after just 1-2 days. But we will help you at any time, you just have to send us a photo if the problem arises.

If you have rather oily nail beds, use the buffer and go over it briefly with nail polish remover. Use enough glue, let it dry for about 5 seconds and press it well with your thumb on the nail. We definitely recommend putting glue on the artificial nail when you revive it.

Keep the pressure on the whole area for at least 25 seconds. This is very important.

Most of the time the tube is still slightly screwed on and not enough glue comes out. Poke the pointy side of the rosewood stick into the tip of the glue can solve the problem.

Nails come off

Whoop! No need to worry :) It can always happen that one nail comes off before the others. Because the wearing time depends on the amount of glue you choose. We have our recommendation for the correct dosage, but there may be an individual need for more glue.

If the nails come off before others, or come off too quickly after a few days, it's because the amount of glue on each nail wasn't consistent. It can also be because there was not enough adhesive for the wearing time you wanted. Simply put more glue on your natural nail, some on the back of the NAILD nail (double the amount you started with), and reapply. Important: press well!

The nail can simply be glued back on again. Apply some glue to the natural and NAILD nails and press on again. Always follow the instructions carefully.

What happens to glue residue?

If you have residues on the NAILD nails, you can simply push them away with a stick or remove them with a nail clipper. Our electric NAILD file is ideal for gently and quickly removing residue from your NAILD nail. If there are residues on your natural nail, they can be carefully filed off with a buffer. The pink side of our nail file is ideal for this. Care for your nails with nail oil and hand cream. This will condition and repair the nails if the NAILD nail is accidentally not removed carefully. However, you must not use oil or hand cream on your nail if you intend to reattach the Naild nails afterwards.

Is NAILD pet friendly?

This product is cruelty-free, vegan and recyclable.

Can I varnish NAILD?

All nails (except the matte models) can be painted over. To keep the NAILD nails long, apply a clear coat under the color coat. Always paint without acetone.

Can I change the shape?

All NAILD nails, except for the Studio Line design models, can be easily shortened with a clipper or shaped with a file. Our NAILD TIP CUTTER is recommended for this. If you shorten the design models, we recommend sealing the nail tips in addition to our top coat.

Is my size included?

Each basic set contains 24 NAILD nails, with 12 sizes per hand and the extra-long and short models: 30 sizes, 15 sizes per hand. The NAILD nails file easily on the sides and only take a few seconds to transform. If you have a wider nail bed and are concerned about whether they will fit, please email us at Under each product description you will find the dimensions under "Size chart" to get an idea of ​​the proportions.

Can I apply NAILD to gel/acrylic nails?

It is recommended to apply NAILD Nails to clean, bare natural nails. NAILD nails can be applied to gels and acrylics. However, this doubles the wear time and makes removal more difficult.

How do I remove NAILD©?

Please note: the NAILD nails can only be removed if they are already loosening and the wearing time has been reached.

Nails won't come off with water alone (even if you work in a hair salon). However, we strongly recommend soaking them in the lukewarm water (as much as bearable) for a few minutes before removing. This softens both the NAILD nail and your natural nail, making removal easier and safer . Gently alternate between the two sides of the NAILD nail.

How to remove the NAILD nails:

Gently push under the NAILD nail with the rosewood stick to lift the sides. When you're done, the entire NAILD nail will "pop up" instantly. If you can't just pop it open, the nail isn't ready yet and we recommend waiting 1-2 days.

Don't worry, washing your hands normally won't solve anything! If there are difficulties, a “backup” nail will help. Drive this between the natural nail and the NAILD nail and detach.

You can also use a NAILD backup nail to remove the nails. This can help loosen areas that are still sticking together. Example: A large pea-sized drop of glue will last 5-7 days on nails. We therefore recommend waiting for the nails to be removed after at least 5-6 days. Removal is then easy, quick and painless. Just save your nails to reapply later.

To avoid damage and to best preserve your set, never force the nails off as this may cause minor, repairable damage. If there is resistance , repeat process 1) the following day and remove. Do you have any questions? Our team will be happy to help you:

How do my nails hold up better? PRO TIPS

- Apply enough of NAILD Tacky Adhesive to avoid air pockets, apply properly and extend wear time.

- The more glue you apply, the longer the nails stay on.

- Push back cuticles before application for best results.

- Immediately wipe the NAILD Tack Adhesive off the NAILD Nail with a wet cloth if over sticking occurs.

- Do not use lotions or oils before application.

- When applying again, always apply the NAILD adhesion adhesive to the back of the NAILD nail.

What is the difference between ACRYLISH and the other nails?

Our ACRYLISH models include the "extra-long" models as well as the ACRYLISH "long" models.

They differ from the normal Coffin and Stiletto models as follows:

- they are stronger, more resistant to bending and cracking

- contain 30 nails instead of 24 nails

They look a little thicker and are suitable for all those who are used to the ACRYLIC modeling from the nail studio and are looking for the same strength.

What are the nails made of?

Our nails are made from recycled materials. 98% PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastic.

Klebepads oder flüssiger Nagelkleber?

Wenn Du deine Nägel nur für einen speziellen Anlass, ein Wochenende oder aus beruflichen Gründen nur für wenige Tage tragen möchtest: dann wähle die Gluepads. Anwendung in 5 Minuten und einfach mit etwas Öl abziehen.

Der flüssige Nagelkleber eignet sich Ideal für eine längere Tragezeit und auch, wenn man di eNägel im Alltag etwas mehr beansprucht und mehr Halt benötigt. Anwendungszeit 10-15 Minuten. Hier ist die Entfernung erst möglich, wenn sich die Nägel bereits gelockert haben. Mehr dazu unter "Entfernung".


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