Don't worry, NAILD Press-on-Nails won't come off with warm water alone. Not even with frequent contact with water. However, we recommend soaking hands in warm water for a few minutes before removing Press-on-Nails. This way, both the artificial nail and the natural nail will be softer and removal will be easier and safer.

Rosewood stick & back-up nail

With the rosewood stick you can carefully go under the artificial nail of NAILD and lift the sides. In this way, the artificial nail slowly detaches and then pops up. If the press-on-nails cannot be easily removed, the artificial nail is not ready yet. You should then wait another 1 to 2 days. In general, a wearing time of 5 to 6 days is recommended for the NAILD press-on nails.

Remove adhesive residue

You can carefully file off glue residue on the natural nail with a buffer. The pink side of our nail file is perfect for this. Then pamper your natural nails with nail oil and hand cream . This way you also get an extra portion of care if a NAILD artificial nail was accidentally not removed very carefully.

Attention: If you want to apply NAILD Press-on-Nails again immediately afterwards, please do not use nail oil or hand cream, as the surface must be free of grease for the artificial nails to hold perfectly.

As you know: Press-on-Nails from NAILD can be worn several times . Just store your fake nails to use again later. This is how you experience many beautiful, magical moments with your NAILD Press-on-Nails!

Well-groomed, stylish nails from the home studio were our goal when we designed the press-on nails from NAILD. Because nobody needs another appointment in the nail salon in the stressful everyday life. And no one wants to be dependent on a nail modelist for nail lengthening, for example when travelling. With NAILD you can decide for yourself when and how you want your nails to be designed, long or short, natural or bright, or when you don't feel like artificial nails anymore.

Press-on-nails from NAILD can be easily applied at home - and removed again just as quickly. The wearing time can thus be determined individually. Here we would like to give you some tips on how to easily remove the NAILD Press-on-Nails!


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