We have summarized the most frequently asked questions:

Detailed application notes:
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1) Can I apply NAILD on gel/acrylic nails?

It is recommended to apply NAILD Nails to clean, bare natural nails. NAILD nails can be applied to gels and acrylics. However, this doubles the wear time and makes removal more difficult.

2) ... how do I use the NAILD nails if I want to wear them for up to two weeks+?

STEP 1: Choose the right sizes by placing the NAILD nail on your natural nail. If the NAILD nail is too small, part of your natural nail will be visible. Going down a size is perfectly fine as long as it's comfortable. If the NAILD nail is too big, it will go past the sides of your natural nail bed. Still not the right size? Then you can just file the sides to size.

STEP 2: DETERMINE WEAR TIME & apply adhesive

7-14 days wearing time:

1. Apply a layer (1-2 drops) of NAILD Adhesive to the back of the NAILD Nail.

2. Apply a generous coat of glue to the entire natural nail. Do not spread the NAILD adhesive too close to the skin, as the adhesive spreads under pressure. Wait 5 seconds.

3. Align the NAILD nail slightly under the cuticle and press down with your thumb. Hold for at least 25 seconds, making sure the entire NAILD nail is covered and receiving pressure. The more pressure the better.

4.Optional: Adjust the length and shape

5-7 wearing time:

Just follow steps 2 and 3, 4

1-2 days wearing time:

Apply a thin strip of glue from your cuticles to the tip (take glue + nails with you in an emergency as nails can come off quickly and easily for this wear time as we can't tell how much glue you applied).

3) .. and how can I reuse the nails?

Apply the nails as usual, but always add the NAILD adhesive to the back of the NAILD nail when reapplying, even for applications with a short wearing time.

PRO TIPS from us and YOU:

- Apply enough of NAILD Tacky Adhesive to avoid air pockets, apply properly and extend wear time.

- The more glue you apply, the longer the nails stay on.

- Push back cuticles before application for best results.

- Immediately wipe the NAILD Tack Adhesive off the NAILD Nail with a wet cloth if over sticking occurs.

- Do not use lotions or oils before application.

- When applying again, always apply the NAILD adhesion adhesive to the back of the NAILD nail.