The idea: salon-quality nails for at home

Fast, beautiful nails, whenever and wherever we want, in salon quality or better! This was our goal because we were frustrated with the time-consuming artificial nail and manicure routine. As beauty experts, we know the material and the needs of our customers in order to create the new generation of light, simple manicures for at home that really work and are affordable. Beautiful nails are an attribute of beauty and so we started making our first “Pop-On Nails” in 2017.


Press-on nails have been on sale since the 1980s. However, these were always too thick, too artificial and ultimately too short-lived for us - even despite various further developments in the industry.

The nails from NAILD are much thinner and more flexible, their statics have a natural progression to the natural nail .

The NAILD nails look and feel like real ones. And best of all: The innovative NAILD Press-On nails look like gel nails or acrylic nails and last up to two weeks and can be reused up to four times! In addition, they are cruelty-free, vegan and made from 89% recycled materials (pcr-recycled materials)


Our mission at Naild is to give women the opportunity to care for their nails from the comfort of their own home without having to spend a lot of money and time at the nail salon.

We offer affordable, high-quality professional manicure solutions that can be easily applied at home. Our goal is to help women express their own beauty and personality affordably and effortlessly. With Naild we want to challenge the traditional beauty standard and give women control over their nail care.

Customer-focused innovation

Our strategy includes continuous innovation based on the wishes of our customers. We strive to offer products that not only address our target audience's lack of time but also fulfill their desire for trendy and appealing nail styles.

Do you still have questions?

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Everything you need is included in your packaging.

24 or 30 nails, NAILD nail glue (2g tube), rosewood stick, nail file. You can see what else is in your set directly on the product page.

You can also purchase the brush-on glue and the glue pads.




the alternative to the classic gel and shellac manicure. A thin, very flexible material that adapts to the nail statics. It is flexible and can hardly be distinguished from the natural nail due to the thin material.


the alternative to the classic acrylic manicure, which is stronger and thicker in material. These nails are tear and bend resistant. They already have a C-curve reform and are suitable for those who put a little more strain on their nails in everyday life and prefer longer models. The naturalness of the shape of this model is identical to that of the signature nails and can hardly be distinguished from the natural nail. Acrylic models are marked accordingly in the title

The nails can be reused immediately as usual. Please always apply another drop of glue to the NAILD nails - regardless of how long they are worn. We recommend our e-file to remove remaining adhesive quickly and easily. Do you want to wear and change your nails more often? Then use our glue pads for the application.

Yes, with enough glue and the right application, you can work in the garden, do laundry, change tires, style hair, shower or swim! The NAILD nail glue and an emergency nail can always be brought with you in an emergency. Nothing dissolves with water alone.

The special feature: in contrast to less high-quality products, our specially formulated adhesive bonds with gel in a similar way to salon modeling, but essentially dissolves over time when worn, so that no damage or adhesive residue is left behind when properly removed. Please never pull it off with force and wait until the nails loosen. The liquid glue can only be removed once the nails have loosened or the wearing time has been completed.

The problem could be:

- too little glue
- Natural nail not well prepared
- not pressed well enough

Use enough glue and press for at least 20 seconds.

You may need more glue than we recommend. You will notice this if the nail comes loose after just 1-2 days. We will help you at any time, you just have to send us a photo if the problem arises.

If you have oily nail beds, use the nail file and file over your natural nail.

We strongly recommend applying glue to the artificial nail when resurfacing.

Hold the pressure on the entire surface for at least 20 seconds. This is very important.

In any case, you should contact our team and we will solve it together.


Whoop! No need to worry :) It's always possible that one nail will come off earlier than the others. Because the wearing time depends on the amount of glue you choose. We have our recommendation for the correct dosage, but the need for more glue may vary depending on the individual.

If the nails come off before others, or come off too quickly, after a few days, it is because the amount of glue on each nail was not consistent. It may also be because there was not enough glue for the wearing time you wanted. Simply add more glue to your natural nail, a little to the back of the NAILD nail (double the amount you had to begin with), and reapply. Important: press well!

The nail can simply be glued back on again. Put some glue on the natural and NAILD nail and press it down again. Always follow the instructions carefully.

This product is cruelty-free, vegan and PETA certified.

All nails (except the matt models) can be painted over. To preserve your NAILD nails for a long time, apply a clear varnish under the colored varnish. Always paint without acetone.

All NAILD nails, except for the design models, can be easily shortened with a clipper or shaped with a file. Our NAILD TIP CUTTER is recommended for this. If you shorten the design models, we recommend sealing the nail tip in addition to our top coat.

If you only want to wear your nails for a special occasion, a weekend or just a few days for work reasons: then choose the glue pads. Use in 5 minutes and simply peel off with a little oil.

The liquid nail glue is ideal for longer periods of wear and also if you put a little more strain on your e-nails in everyday life and need more support. Application time 10-15 minutes. Here removal is only possible when the nails have already loosened. More about this under “Distance”.