Weihnachtsgeschenke für Frauen: Kunstnägel und Maniküre für Zuhause

Gifts for Christmas: With artificial nails from NAILD you are spot on

We have the perfect Christmas present for women of all ages: a sure-fire manicure to take home – a real alternative to the nail salon! With a NAILD set, you not only give your loved ones reusable artificial nails that last up to 14 days. You also give her time, independence and a wonderful feel-good moment.

Every year again: Christmas is just around the corner and you have no idea what to give your girlfriend, mother or sister? Don't worry, this year the problem will quickly disappear into thin air. Because we have the perfect Christmas gifts for women of all ages!

Christmas present for women: the perfect gel manicure from NAILD

Christmas gift idea: The sure-fire manicure to take home – cozy with tea and a film

NAILD offers a revolution in the world of manicure - and you as a gift seeker can benefit from it. With a NAILD set, you don't just give your loved ones reusable artificial nails that last up to 14 days. You give her a large portion of love - divided into many packages:

🎁 You give her: a wonderful moment of well-being

With your gift, she can do something nice just for herself and experience a Me Time just the way she likes it. She beautifies her nails, maybe treats herself to a delicious cup of tea and something sweet, watches a movie or she shares the moment with a dear friend.

🎁 You give her: a large portion of attention

The NAILD range offers the perfect artificial nail design for every taste: short nails , long nails , extra-long nails , acrylic nails , French, glitter and of course different colours. Here you can show that you really know her by choosing a set based on her preferences. Or you leave the choice to her and send her on a treasure hunt with a NAILD voucher .

🎁 You give her: time and independence

With your gift, your love is free to decide when they want to do their manicure. The annoying waiting for an appointment at the nail salon and the rush to get there are a thing of the past. Now she decides when the perfect beauty moment is.

🎁 You give her: Creativity and design freedom

Complete the NAILD press-on nails with a set of our cute nail art stickers . The small stickers are the eye-catchers of every nail design. Which nail, which motif, how many stickers? These decisions are fun and can be made again and again.

Gifts for Christmas: Beautiful fingernails by yourself

And of course you give your favorite person perfectly styled fingernails!

NAILD artificial nails are an excellent alternative to the nail studio. Because they are absolutely uncomplicated to use , protect the natural nail and achieve wonderful results. In just ten minutes! In addition, the press-on nails are reusable and last up to two weeks, but can also be easily and gently removed at any time beforehand.

The recipient does not need professional equipment. Everything you need is included in each set: 24 nails in 12 sizes per hand, adhesive, rosewood stick and nail file. And don't worry: If none of the nail shapes fit perfectly despite the large selection of nail shapes, the edges can be adjusted exactly and very easily with the nail file.

So: With artificial nails from NAILD you are on the right side of the gift game. Really nothing can go wrong. Christmas gifts for women ? The best thing to do is order conveniently online here – and everything is done!