Kurze, schwarze Kunstnägel liegen im Trend und kommen mit den Naild Klebepads ruckzuck zum Einsatz.

Adhesive pads for nails: The uncomplicated replacement for nail glue

This is the fastest way to get beautiful nails

Do you have a nice dinner or an exciting event on your calendar today? It would be really extravagant if you could wear a completely new nail design for this occasion - short nails in black in the morning, extra long acrylic nails in glitter pink in the evening, for example !

Maybe you also pay attention to halal when caring for your nails and therefore only wear artificial nails a few days a month for religious reasons?

No time for nail glue? With the NAILD adhesive pads you are ready to go in 60 seconds

The fact is: If you have special requirements for flexibility in your manicure, NAILD is the right place for you. The brand has always been known for offering the perfect alternative to the nail salon : the simple, quick and flexible manicure for at home.

Now you can speed up your nail design even more , because even uncomplicated things can become even easier. If you're late, the nail glue for artificial nails can cost you valuable minutes. With the new NAILD adhesive pads, an even faster version and a great alternative to nail glue is now available.

No brushing with glue, no drying time. Thanks to the innovative adhesive strips, your nails are ready to go in just 60 seconds . Enjoy your NAILD press-on manicure for 48 hours & more - or change your design after just a few hours. Removing the artificial nails is very easy and very gentle on your natural nail.

This is how the NAILD adhesive pads revolutionize your manicure program

  • application in seconds
  • strong hold for 48+ hours
  • gentle on your natural nail
  • easy & quick removal without professional equipment
  • PETA certified vegan & cruelty-free

If you want a perfect manicure in no time, take a closer look at the practical adhesive pads for nails here.