Dezent und gepflegt: An den Büro-Dresscode angepasste Kunstnägel

Nail design at work: This is how you can wear your dream nails despite the dress code

The right nail design is a question of personal taste. In any case, the fact is: you often only feel comfortable with beautifully styled nails. It's all the more annoying when your employer restricts your freedom to live out your style. The good news for everyone who works in the office: unlike in the medical field, for example, your boss is not allowed to prohibit you from having artificial fingernails.

Strict dress code? Natural-looking artificial nails are the solution

However, a certain dress code often applies to the office. In law firms, tax offices or banks, it is natural for employees to give a serious impression. And CEOs and secretaries also pay attention to a discreet look on all executive floors.

The subtle artificial nails for the office from Naild also meet strict dress codes.

If you value optimally cared for fingernails and also appreciate enormous flexibility, you will love the Press on Nails from NAILD! Because with NAILD you can do your personal dream manicure at home in ten minutes - always to suit the occasion.

Our short nails in a nude or French look are recommended for the office. With these elegant nail designs you are guaranteed to have a professional, well-groomed appearance. You can easily customize your nails even further to your taste by filing them or using the right nail polish. Within a very short time you will have completed your manicure and will be ready for everyday work. And without any additional accessories, because everything you need is already included in your NAILD set. Your artificial nails will last – just as you want – for up to two weeks.

Discreet during the day, wild in the evening

However, if you fancy long nails or an extravagant design in the evening or at the weekend, that's no problem with NAILD. Because the practical Press on Nails can be easily and gently removed and replaced - and reused up to four times!

Naild's artificial nails can be quickly replaced and used multiple times.

This means you can quickly and flexibly adapt your nail styling to your wishes and occasionally become more expressive. For example with our Acrylic Glitter artificial nails extra long or the spring-like Rainbow Stiletto Press on Nails.

So why should you limit yourself in your nail design when you can easily have everything? Short or long, subtle or crazy, nude or glitter? Only you decide.

Expressive nail design in the evening: With Naild, replacing artificial nails is quick and easy.