DER Maniküre-Trend: NAILD Nailart Sticker!

THE manicure trend: NAILD nail art stickers!

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We keep an eye on you & hearts for stars!

Matching the beauty month of November, NAILD is expanding its range with beautiful NAILD nail art stickers.

Wishes do come true! The beautiful, self-adhesive NAILD nail art stickers are inspired by the popular NAZAR amulet and Hearts & Stars motifs. NAILD launches these classics in different styles and thus offers two trend editions.

In the Nazar Edition you will find stickers the rich blue, round pearl with a black dot in the middle, which is outlined with white and light blue and resembles an eye. In the Orient it is said that this symbol protects and blesses the wearer.

In the Hearts & Stars Edition you will find a selection of heart and star motifs in different colors and sizes, which of course represent love as a symbol.

Whether on nail polish, pop-on nails, gel nails, nail art stickers are always an absolute eye-catcher.

Work it: You can paint your nails normally or stick on your NAILD Nails and then let them dry very well. Then you can easily place the nail art stickers in the appropriate places with the tweezers.

We then definitely recommend using two more coats of NAILD Topcoat . In this way you prevent the sticker from lifting off or accidentally getting stuck on a corner.

You can place the stickers completely or only partially on the nail and thus rearrange the look again and again.

This will be one of your favorite nails designs from now on. The great effect is worth every effort.

Nail art stickers turn every nail design into a real eye-catcher and can be combined really well with all colors.

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