ITALIAN SPRING: Must-HAVE Frühjahrs Nageltrend 2022

ITALIAN SPRING: Must-HAVE spring nail trend 2022

The blue sky already gives an idea, because the gray winter is gradually being said goodbye and welcomes spring with its popular pastel colours.

This time our team was particularly inspired: spring in Italy. How did this happen? During the pandemic and lockdown, we all just rambled on to memories of our last getaway. Well how long ago was that again? Almost an eternity? Before we even thought about it, one or two Instagram reels came our way: colorful houses, narrow streets. Ice cream in hand - stroll through the streets. This is Italy! Spend spring in the mountains of Tuscany or stroll the streets of Milan with a pistachio ice cream. Just the thought put us in a good mood.

Who said pistachio ice cream? And that's exactly the color we wanted to see on our nails, so we made it the perfect beauty highlight for spring and gave our hands a summery glow in addition to the classic white nails!

It was very clear to us: ITALY is always worth a trip. We wanted nail colors that remind us of Italy, the best espresso, delicious ice cream, aperitifs and above all: delicious pasta!

Now enough about the food, let's get to the unique colors that are guaranteed to draw envious looks: Capri Blue, San Remo Pistacchio, Tuscany Nude, Remini White. By the way, you can find the new collection all in the #ShortNails design and in 15 sizes per hand with 30 nails per set.

We look forward to your feedback and hope the new colors put you in a good mood as much as we do!


Dilan from NAILD <3